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Node.js development stack on Amazon EC2

Recently, I needed to create node.js development stack. I was using Nodejitsu for my development, but it became more expensive. I was experimenting with AppFog but I decided that I give a try to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud as I’m already using Amazon S3 storage for my iStitch App and Amazon Route 53 for static hosting of

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Paid content for free on (Slovak) news portals

Few weeks ago I’ve published a blog about my Google Chrome extension that allowed to read paid content on for free.
Some people asked me to look at some other portals that are using Piano media system.
So I did…

I was looking at same “bugs” like on and I found at least two other portals that have the same problem. The first one is and second one is

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Piano and

A more than a year ago I’ve created a proof of concept that allowed to read paid content on I upgraded it today
to not only read paid content for free but also to watch paid movies for free. is third most visited and biggest(?) news website in Slovakia. They are using Piano Media solution that allows website publishers to charge for their “premium” content.

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