Paid content for free on (Slovak) news portals

Few weeks ago I’ve published a blog about my Google Chrome extension that allowed to read paid content on for free.
Some people asked me to look at some other portals that are using Piano media system.
So I did…

I was looking at same “bugs” like on and I found at least two other portals that have the same problem. The first one is and second one is

In they are using xml feeds to provide content for mobile app. They have several feeds for different sections on their page.

HNTouch[10281] : URL
HNTouch[10281] : URL
HNTouch[10281] : URL
HNTouch[10281] : URL
HNTouch[10281] : URL
HNTouch[10281] : URL
HNTouch[10281] : URL
HNTouch[10281] : URL

Whole articles are in the feeds, so there is no need to get article from some URL. The only problem is to map articles in the feed with articles on the web. hase the same issue as They have only one endpoint for mobile content.{ARTICLE_ID}

This url is public and anyone can access it. So it was simple to update my extension to deal with this type of content.

The weird thing is that it works on both subscription models. So you can read article with Piano system and also articles that are available only to (magazine) subscribers.
It is really shame, because in the mobile app you need to use login and password to access content from magazine. They are using some sort of authentification, but after that they just serve content and don’t care if user is authorised or not 🙁

You can try my extension but please buy a subscription. This extension is made only for test purposes and it should stay that.
You can find extension here.

I’ve contacted and so they know about the issues and hopefully they will do something about it (not like

UPDATE 2013.05.20 – It seems that developers at are really quick. They fixed it already.

15 thoughts on “Paid content for free on (Slovak) news portals

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      1. blanquefort

        Vdaka za inspirujucu odpoved :-).

        Pozrel som sa este raz na navod a zistil som ze som prehliadol ze crx staci dragnut do chromu s cim uz chrome problem nema.

  2. cookie

    Ahoj diky za program.
    mamlen taky dotaz po spusteni chrome ma vzdy upozorni zobrazene vyskakovacie okno ze mam spusteny rezim pre vyvojarov da sa to nejako odstranit aby to stale nezobrazovalo?


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